1 What Is TRAI?

TRAI stands for Telecom Regularity Authority of India and it regulates all the telecommunication businesses all over the India which includes telephone services/broadband Services/telecasting services/DTH etc.

TRAI has regularly issued orders and directions on various subjects like tariff, interconnections, Direct To Home (DTH) services and mobile number portability.

2. What is NDNC?

NDNC is National Do Not Call Registry. It is a part of TRAI itself where any mobile user can register themselves and get rid of unwanted marketing calls/messages. These numbers are generally called as DND (Do Not Disturb) registered numbers.

So, basically it is a governmental body whose main motive is to curb the unsolicited communication.

3 Why TRAI introduced Policies?

Being a Regulatory Authority, TRAI needs to give direction at regular time period to facilitate the telecom users & operators in various ways.

The Basic Purpose of implementing latest policy of the transactional & promotional messages is to provide some sort of rid to the mobile users from unwanted telemarketing calls and messages.

 As Indian technology is growing, so do the market of telemarketing, but this growth of telemarketing actually had become like a curse for the regular mobile users. Users were getting call at anytime in the day as well as night which was quite annoying, and so to facilitate users, TRAI enforced the regulation which automatically handicapped the telemarketers as now they are not able to call/send communication on DND registered numbers.   

4. Who can send transactional message as per TRAI specified categories?

Organisation falling under here mantioned categories can send transactional messages:


1: Banking/ Insurance/ Financial products/ Credit Cards

2: Real Estate

3: Education

4: Health

5: Consumer goods & automobiles

6: Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT

7: Tourism & Leisure

5. But What if I am not in the category specified by TRAI, still want to send transactional messages?

Still you can send the one, just follow the here mentioned procedure,


  •  SMSBrain gives you such facility but the very first condition is that the messages should only contain informative things and not any advertisement or any other promotion.
  • Just the user need to get approval from us for the kind of messages he’s going to send which is generally called “templates/message formats”.
  • And there are few documentary formalities required (mentioned in footer links).

6. What if the violation of the TRAI norms takes place?

On violation of TRAI defined norms i.e. sending messages on DND registered numbers will cause you now a harm in terms of monetary matter. The following penalties will be charged to the violator on the receipt of any complaint from the user,                     

Complaint Number

Penalty (in INR)

1st Complaint


2nd Complaint


3rd Complaint


4th Complaint


5th Complaint


6th Complaint


And if this repeats several times then the violator may get black listed for 2 or more years.