1 What is meant by SMSBrain & why to choose it?

SMSBrain is a website providing web SMS service across the Country (India) with appreciable speed and reasonable rates. It offers and satisfies today’s modern man’s requirement, and that too keeping their needs in the eye. We use modern technologies to make your communication even better and faster, we have tie ups with many high service providers which helps our user to send messages to any number, regardless of operator within lightening speed.  So choosing SMSBrain is the right choice.

2 How to register in/use SMSBrain?

Using World Wide Web, just log on to smsbrain.in and register yourself with asked information and then after you will be messaged of your password, so with your selected Id and given password, you can enjoy our service. However user can change the password, once log in to his account. To purchase the service of bulk messages, fill up the form of “sales inquiry” or even can mail us at care@smsbrain.in with your requirements and contact details. We will get back to you with the solution of your requirement.

3 At what rates will I get my desired quantity of SMSs?

Just after your registration, we give you the limit of 20 messages for free with its validity period, after that if you like our service, you can buy your desired amount of quantity with the help of our available product plans. However, the process of buying our product plans can be done directly also without registering by your own.

4 How will I be served after registration?

We wholly and solely believe in customer service as we consider our customers as the centre of the business. Our definition of success depends on customer satisfaction. So after joining our family, we literally make you feel like family.

5 About how long it takes to deliver the message at its destination?

As we implement modern technologies, it delivers the message just within few seconds.

6 What is the maximum limit of messages that can be sent per day?

As per now, it is absolutely unlimited; there is no such fix number of messages per day.

7 After being a regular user of SMSBrain, for what time period I can enjoy the service?

“Once a user is always a user” is our policy but however it totally depends on users’ choice but user can be part of our family up till (s)he wants to be, there is no certain validity period but yes, SMS credits are needed to be updated once used up. If any user doesn’t log in for the period of continuous 3 months, then that particular account is deactivated automatically.

8 How to use SMSBrain, after being its member?

Several user friendly modules have been designed to make your messaging experience better and taking you where you actually want to reach. To get the result of such planning, we have made the below mentioned modules: 

Modules of SMSBrain

1)      Compose

2)      Groups

3)      Reports

4)      Tools

Using them, you can have a tour to SMSBrain and start communicating to your world.

9 What is the difference between Quick, Group and Advanced SMS in compose module?

It is quite Intuitive and easy to use. Quick SMS is for messaging someone to whom you want to send message separately. In that case, just need to type in the message along with the number in provided space and send it, you are done!

Group message facilitates you to send the single message to variety of people on their numbers by adding once their number in the group. So, then just select the group you want to send message and all the group members will get that.

Now, Advanced SMS is for the messages that have to be sent to group members and other than that. So, basically you can say it as a mixture of Quick as well as Group SMS.

10 What is the use of group and the options available in it?

Group is a very obvious concept, which we generally use in various aspects of life. Group is made to make you little advance and abolish the frequent messaging, the same message to different numbers. Instead, just make a group and add your desired numbers. Now, it will allow you to send a single message to the whole group.

In group, we also provide some other sub options too as mentioned below:

  • Post Message

This Option makes you enable of posting your message to particular group, according to your         selection.

  •  Remove Group

It is to remove the whole group from your contact list.

  •  Import to Group

We provide you the facility to directly import the contacts to your SMSBrain account without getting into trouble of typing the whole contact database. Just clicking on it, you can upload   our contacts into it. But the condition to upload your database is that it should be in the format mentioned in the options.

  • Import to dynamic Group

                It helps you to import all the columns from the defined sheet but can use your selected columns while sending the messag 

  •  New Group

               It allows you to make the new group.

11 What does Report Do?

We are having this feature to make you aware of your messages’ delivery reports. Along with this information, it also let you perform other operations like having the whole details of the message, saving the sent message as a template, forwarding it and Resend the message.

And all these reports are generated according to your chosen time period.

12 What is the purpose of Tools?

A Tool is tooling you to get the information on your scheduled messages and their delivery, making you aware of DND registered number of your contact list after feeding the same information from the user side and also enables you to know and make the message templates with further modifications and deletions

13 How to see my details within my account?

“My Account” the name itself solves this question.  “My Account” Is specially made to make your filled information visible to you.  And along with that you can perform some setting operations through “setting’ option like sorting your groups & DND checks. Also from My Account, you can also change your password.