Why only SMSBrain?

SMSBrain is a visionary unit which believes in innovations and inventions. We have invented such a unique business model which gives our customers, very and many unique benefits, as follows:


As we have mentioned about our unique business model, we have great deals and tie ups with the service providers that we don’t have to pay massive cost to operators which ultimately benefits our customers in their cost per message. So conclusively, customers are benefited with low cost.


By not limiting ourselves only with one or two Operators and by partnering with multiple aggregators, we have unique benefit of load balancing across various operators across states. This gives our customers and partners rock solid stability.


We have built innovative and stunning intelliSMSRoute technology that finds efficient path across aggregators based on historical data and delivery reports. That ultimately gives surety of fastest possible message delivery to our customers and partners even on heavy traffic pipes of messaging.

Excellent & Modern Interface

Again, as we work for Excellency, we have built excellent and innovative User Interface for SMSBrain platform. That gives our customers and partners the positive edge to their businesses. We have studied almost all the interfaces available in the market and also studied problems faced by various customers. So according to these studies, we concluded some results and developed the unique interface that multiplies benefits of using great interface with rock solid platform. As a result our customers and partners will be able to do marketing and other operations very quickly compare to other available user interfaces.

 Productivity with intelliExcelSMS

This is yet another innovation. This product helps you to directly integrate to Microsoft Outlook and let our customers and partners do the complex task with the highest ease, directly from excel. So, it saves your time as it does your work in seconds.

Desktop Editions for Windows, Mac and Linux

We have also developed a desktop edition which can run across platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. This helps our customers and partners to continue their work without leaving their Desktops. Desktop edition saves time and bandwidth of customers as desktop tool is far better than visiting smsbrain.in in the browser in terms of convenience

Mobile Clients for Major Mobile Devices

Our customers and partners also have various Mobile clients for Symbrain, Apple iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Mobile phones. So, It will also help them to use SMSBrain from anywhere, anytime. They can use those services with GPRS or SMS as a communication medium based on their preference.

TRAI DND Policy and More Flexibility

As we believe in doing business with ethics, we respect the TRAI’s DND policies and norms so we don’t let you send to DND registered user, although if the message is transactional, we can deliver that to its destination as we understand the importance of such communication. But for that certain documentary formalities are vital & necessary.

Please refer to Products & TRAI FAQs.