Promtional Messages

Messages that are sent to communicate some promotional stuff like advertisement of some product or service are called promotional messages. 

Time Limit

As per TRAI, these messages can only be sent within the time period of 9 am to 9 pm only; if it is violated then it is a subject to penalty.

Sender Id

These messages are sent without any sender Id, just with special 6 digit numbers from the operator end.

Documents required for purchasing Promotional messages

Just fill up the SMSBrain Registration Form and you are done!

Transactional Messages

Messages which are use to send to one’s clients/staff to communicate the information related to or for them and are not having any promotion in it are called transactional messages.

TRAI Specified Categories

TRAI has specified 7 categories, messages of the organizations falling under these categories will be counted as transactional one, and those categories are:


1: Banking/ Insurance/ Financial products/ Credit Cards

2: Real Estate

3: Education

4: Health

5: Consumer goods & automobiles

6: Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT

7: Tourism & Leisure

Those who do not fall under the TRAI specified categories, still can have transactional route with some documentary formalities.

Working of Transactional route

In this route, only approved message formats (templates) are allowed to be sent and not other than that, but whenever want to send more templates other than the approved one, every time they are needed to be approved.

These approvals are done by our aggregators & gateway providers.

Time required by templates to get approved

Maximum it takes 48 hrs, but as we are concern with our customers’ requirement, we get it done in just 24 hrs.


They are quite cheaper than the promotional one as there are no special charges taken from the operator side.

Time Limit

Transactional messages can be sent 24 x 7 i.e. all day all night.

Sender Id

These messages have an additional facility of sending sender Id along with the message. This sender Id should be fix 6 characters long and should have only alphabets.